Saturday, August 1, 2009

hola lulu!

what better way to unwind from a ridiculously crazy week than head up to visit my good friends, the blocks? and get to spend sometime rocking out with my favorite 3 year old east of the mississippi...louise block! miss lulu and i have a favorite song from a silly little off-broadway musical (which is called 'dear edwina'). that song is called 'hola lola.'

click HERE - it will take you to the media/press page for the show...and the second song down under 'check out some of our songs' is 'hola lola.' you can play it right now and hear it - and see why 1. we love it some much; and 2. why it's easy to put on repeat, grab a ukelele (or guitar), put on a tutu if you have one in your size and sing at the top of your lungs and dance around. (tutu not required for a really great time, though.....)

you want perspective on a week? i always find it in these jam sessions with a 3 year old...who isn't afraid to put on a tutu over her pajamas, close her eyes, ball up her first, throw her head back and sing to the heavens, "and they all sang, HOLA LOLA, LOLA HELLO!"