Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Episode 2: Behind The Scenes in Pictures

Here are a bunch of different pictures from around our first morning in Söderköping - when we opened the Amerikakoffert and rode the bikes and walked around town.  MAN I loved this beautiful little place.

After opening the trunk and before we broke off into 'Team Ice Cream' and 'Team Hat Shopping', we had a delicious lunch at this cool hotel.  It was a good beginning to a long, long day.

"Team Ice Cream" explores the heart of Söderköping...including a delicious trip to Smultronstället - said to be one of the top 10 ice cream shops in the world!  How do they know these things?  I do not know.  But it WAS delicious...so I support it.

INSIDE John and Mike's romantic barn getaway

Scenes from in and around Thorstorps Gård - the beautiful Bed & Breakfast we spent a few days in.  I loved everything about this place...even the outhouse!  I didn't even mind walking to the "big house" to shower.  I would love to go back with friends and family.  Anyone in?!?!?

Some scenes in and around THAT breakfast that everyone is talking about.  These are 2 of our segment producers, Jasper and Frida, and camerawoman Sandra.  They are all awesome.

Scenes from our Horseshoe Afternoon.

Here it is....my time as "Cam" on 'Modern Family'.  Oh man...these pictures make me laugh every single time I look at them.

Our proud finished products - with our awesome blacksmith friend!

Our trip to the grocery store.   So I took a picture of the cool yellow and green produce circle thing because only 1/4 of it is actual produce!  The other 3 sides are mirrored.  I loved it.  We were also excited to find our first spread in a local newspaper.

Friends chillin' before we eat crow.

The Dinner of the Crow....and a fun night of friends laughing.  MUCH drinking ensued.

Oh look...it's me...giving an interview and probably talking with my hands.

More post-crow-dinner hanging out.

More shots from grocery store trip.  I didn't try the cream taco chips - but MAN I wish I had.  I LOVE creamy tacos.  Wait....do I?

The morning of the first elimination we filmed our little group chats, talking about the challenge and then the team who would be competing had their own individual interviews...so I went on a hike up to the top of an overlook.  I saw all of Söderköping from up there - and it was awesome.

Walking around Söderköping - nervously waiting during the elimination challenge.

THAT is the hill I climbed up.  It was cool 

More hanging out during the elimination.  The group of girls to on the left were some junior high school girls who were visiting Söderköping - and I saw them teaching each other a dance, so I had them teach me.  I will post the video on FB tomorrow.  It was awesome.   The group of boys on the right were a group of guys Shane I met who are all immigrants to Sweden from warn-torn countries.  They are all orphans - and the nicest group of guys we met in Sweden.  Although we were nervously awaiting word on who would leave AFS, we had a really fantastic day leading up to the goodbye.

We also shopped in this ladies store.  Lots of shopping.

Our delicious lunch - the last lunch - with Laura.  This is called Raggmunkar - it's potato pancake, pork belly and lingonberry.  I MISS IT SO MUCH!

Saying good-bye to Laura one last time.

The walk to the van without Laura.  Sad but beautiful day.