Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (Late...again)


So I love 'High School Musical'...and I LOVE the combination of the two is simply amazing. Well worth the 3+ minutes to watch. PLUS - I gotta learn me some of those dance moves!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Peek at 'David'

Carolyn (Michal) and Matt P (David) motorboat for us all to see.

Rehearsing in the community hall.

Russell (Goliath) takes a break from organic movement.

No explanation possible. Matt's expression says it all.

We're a REALLY close cast. Carolyn helps Bobby (King Saul) with his back pains.
Bobby and Peggy (Batsheva) cheese it up for the camera on a break.

Goliath's roadie chick on a drive by photo shooting.

Seth helps Carolyn get into her Michal Sheet.

David, Michal and Assistant Stage Manager in Shadow and Light.

Carolyn and Matt P work out their sheet dance while Seth mugs for the camera.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To Kayla

Hi Kalya!

This whole blog entry is for you! Sorry it took me so many days to post it. I had to wait for it to stop raining in order to get some good pictures. Thanks for calling me to remind me!

So here it is. I finally got to take some pictures to show you what it looks like where I live here in Washington DC. When you asked me on the phone what my house was like, I had a tough time explaining it to you...because it's not like any houses you would ever see in Boise! But as you can see from the's just like I said on the phone - tall and skinny!

The other pictures are just pictures of my street and my neighborhood. I think you would like it here. I live 3 blocks from 3 different schools....4 blocks from a grocery store...and right around the corner from my house is a nice, big park! PLUS - in front of my house, you can catch a bus to almost anywhere in the city!
Anyway - I want to make sure to get these posted so you can see them soon! Last time you were in Washington DC, you were just a little munchkin....and I didn't live in this house. I lived out across the river in Virginia. So now, you need to come back and see it all for yourself. You can bring your brothers, too! Tell your mom and dad that you need to take a trip to see your FAVORITE uncle in Washington DC.

I sure do love and miss you, Kayla! Enjoy the pictures!

And be good!
Uncle Matt

OK. So my house is the one in the middle. DIRECTLY behind the car. There is a hose hanging out front. The houses to the left and right are both connected to our house on the outside...but are still separate, individual homes.

Here is a closer look at just my house. The car belongs to our CRAAAAAZY neighbor lady.

Here is a shot looking down my side of the street.

Another section of houses on my block.

Standing in the middle of the intersection at 36th and T Street looking down my block. Looks very different from Boise, eh?

No. Really. Be Honest.

Yesterday I went to an audition. I will not name the location of this audition...but it was here in the greater DC area. That's all you really need to know.

When I walked into the room, there were 2 very nice women behind the table...and one of them started talking to me all chatty-sassy like, about the audition and my resume. And then she said, "I'm talking to you like I know! I'm sorry...I know you don't know who I am....but I know who you are because I saw you in 'Shlemiel' at Theater J."

By this point, I was standing at the piano, handing my music to the pianist for the day, and I looked back at her, laughed a little at the idea of this woman only knowing my from 'Shlemiel', and then I said, "Oh silly Shlemiel. That show was a trip."

The chatty woman kind of lost her smile and said, "That show was TERRIBLE."




I was FLOORED! I didn't know what to say. I started to mumble, "Well...." And she cut me off. She said, "No it really was. It was an amazing cast, and YOU were incredible....which is why you're here today. But really. That show was TERRIBLE." uncomfortable silence hung over the room for what felt like 43 weeks...but what was probably 1.4 seconds. And then she smiled really big and said, "And what are you going to sing for us today?"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

United In Our Differences

If you haven't heard, the Pope is in Washington DC. And it has definitely caused a stir or two today. For commute took almost 2 hours today. No bueno.
Also...most DC residents learned that the Vatican has an embassy right here in the city. Who knew? Well now we do.

This afternoon, he (he = the Pope) was scheduled to go to Catholic University here in DC and speak to a bunch of people or something - and it was supposed to start at 4pm. Well, I had to head out to Silver Spring for a rehearsal, but I was going to be going by the Catholic U Metro stop about 1:45pm or I figured I would be fine.

When I got on the Metro, it was pretty full. Not rush-hour-packed...but still a larger-than-normal number of riders for mid-day on a Wednesday. Near the end where I got on, there was also 4 DC Metro Police Officers riding, too. I sat down and got lost in my music for we continued to head away from the city and out towards Catholic U and Silver Spring.

As I sat there after awhile, my mind drifting away and my eyes looking to the ground, I noticed large numbers of people walking past me towards the train doors at one of the stops...which turned out to be the CU stop. I began to look up and glance to the left, down the length of the train car, and it appeared that I was the only person remaining in the car. I continued to scan the train turning my head to the right, and just then I caught the eye of one of the cops who had been on the train the whole time, as the car doors slid to a close. (I noticed the other 3 were outside the train car on the platform...) As our eyes met, and we both realized we were the only 2 people left in the car, he broke out into a big smile, gave a little laugh and said, "'re not Catholic, either?"

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Funny Little "Life" Lesson

Not so much "HA HA" funny."interesting" funny.

So last night, I had a tour. And all weekend, I was excited because it was just going to be a group of 2 people. I'm normally down for whatever....but after a busy week and weekend of rehearsals and then working all day at the desk job yesterday, I just wanted a nice, easy, small group.

Monday during the day, I checked the reservations again, and sometime mid-morning, a 3rd person signed up for the trip. 3 people? OK. Fine. Right before I leave the desk job to head downtown, I check. A 4th person. 4....not my easy little 2 that I had started with, but manageable. But I can feel myself getting more and more tired and irritable by the SECOND.

I get to the office, we start moving machines around, getting things set up. And as a bit of a side note, I ask boss-man Jack if it's still 4 people. He indicates that he hasn't checked since it was at I walk over to the computer to confirm...and what do my weary eyes behold....3 MORE PEOPLE HAVE SIGNED UP! I went from a mere 2 to an entire gaggle of 7! The latest....3 women from New York...Long Island, it appeared. I'm ready to curl up in a ball and sleep...and just forget about dragging a line of 7 around the city. (I know...great attitude, Matt. I WAS TIRED! So sue me!)

The tour turned out to be great. 3 guys from Calgary Canada, who were in town for a conference today...and were the original 2 and then 1 that were my first 3. Then a very nice guy from Singapore, who was in town for the same conference and quickly became friends with the other 3. And 3 that pushed it over the top? All law professors from Nassau College in New York...who were in town with 8 of their students...going to see the Supreme Court this morning. Very funny, loud, boisterous New York women. Everyone in the group rode very well...was attentive....didn't mess around...and was very interesting to talk to. We all had a great time (myself included) and we were in high spirits as we got back to the office.

The life lesson? Upon returning to the office, and getting everyone's damage deposits voided and everyone sent on their way, I was left with one $20 tip. Which was very nice. And it was from....the 3 New York ladies. My 3 late signers...who I had prayed wouldn't ever materialize.

So country music be damned, sometimes I DO have to thank God for unanswered prayers...because without them, I'd be $20 poorer and not nearly as entertained as I was by those 3!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Alive

So. Um. What the crap has happened to me? Well...I am still alive and running in every direction possible. I THINK about blogging a lot...and when I'm on my way home each night, I have every INTENTION of blogging...but then I get home and my bed starts yelling, "MATT! MATT! LAY DOWN! SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" And so I do. And it's nice.

I've been in rehearsals for "David In Shadow And Light" with Theater J for about 3 weeks now...and it has been thrilling and overwhelming and frustrating and exciting all at once. It's a brand new piece - a world-premiere musical, if you will - and the process of having the playwrite and the composer and the creative team all on hand and seeing the show take form as we learn it has been incredibly unique. Every day we come in, there are new copies of updated or changed music or's crazy. More on the show to come.

Along with rehearsals, I'm still balancing 2 part-time jobs, and auditioning around DC, as we are just getting into AUDITION SEASON for the 2008-2009 season. So...I'm busy. But I'm pretty sure that's how I function best.

BUT - I'm never too busy to engage my friends in my NEWEST obsession: MOTORBOAT PICTURES! So - for lack of a more interesting blog entry, I'm going to post a few more pictures that I have taken since the last ones. AND - I'm still waiting for all of you to submit YOUR pictures for my enjoyment and to post here! Don't delay!

Enjoy these......

Shanna brings mad-skills to her first motorboat attempt.

Christine gets a LITTLE shy....

but then delivers a clear winner.

Carolyn and Bobby take some time out of rehearsal to give it a try.

And then Russell joins them in the fun!

Liz gets the hang of the motorboat RIGHT off the bat.

Liz then invites Sam along for the fun.

Dan Rosman delivers the goods!

And then the Rosman kids give their best shot at it, too.

AND FINALLY....I couldn't choose a favorte from this group! All of them are GENIUS!

Anais and Caroline #1.

Anais and Caroline #2.

Anais and Caroline #3.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

You've Got To Have A Dream...

So this morning...while The Today Show was on at work, I heard the intro to this story, and I jumped up to watch! And sure enough, being the sap that I am, I stood there completely choked up for this woman. But in a good way. I mean COME ON! What a dream come TRUE! And I love how honest she is about it...even tearing up during the interview.
All I'm saying is that she is a lesson in enduring and NEVER giving up on the dream.
Take a second and check yourself.