Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Video

Here is a quick video of our director, Matt August, talking about the show on the first day of rehearsal.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Livin' The Dream....2011 Edition

friends! family! random followers!

so it's kind of been a long time! last we met, i was traipsing around the vancouver 2010 winter games in canada, and you were all off on your various adventures. since then, a lot has happened - to all of us, i'm sure - but what has brought me back to the blogosphere is a new show i started working on a week ago. i thought it was something big enough and exciting enough to get the blog out of the closet and dust it off - and give you all a front row seat to this latest adventure.

so - remember THIS? in the summer of 2008, i worked on a workshop of a new musical that ford's theatr
e was developing and thinking about doing. fast forward to 2011, and that workshop has turned into a full-blown production, and that production is now in full-blown rehearsals, and we are slowly but soundly marching towards our first preview of this world premiere on march 23rd! opening night is march 30th! the show is called LIBERTY SMITH - and the quick explanation is that it's basically a character like forrest gump - who meets the american revolution. and hilarity ensues. naturally. and since you're dying to know, i play the role of that ol' statesman, sam adams - as well as a slew of other characters throughout the show!

it's been an exciting first week! on our first day, last friday the 11th, we did a read/sing through, and it was fun to see everyone - meet all the folks who are new to me and see the group of good ol' fr
iends who are in the show - and hear the script with everyone reading it. a lot of the music is the same from when we did the workshop - and one of my favorite songs is still in place. i found myself especially touched by it that day, for i'm sure of a variety of reasons. the song is called 'i was here' - and is sung by the title character. part of that song says:

people will say i'm an innocent fool,
living my life for a dream.
never listen to those who will doubt,
living a dream is what life's all about.

all i'm saying is that it struck a chord with me that day. that's all. it just reminded me of this crazy journey of being LTD - of living the dream!

anyway, since we started, there have been costume fittings, music rehearsals, marching with guns, sword fight staging, staircase rollings, homemade pop tarts, baby tossings, a really long country ball, and we are still just in the first week! the cast is fantastic, the creative team has an incredible vision of the show, and the ford's staff has been amazingly professional and so easy to work with! after a few....shall i say 'challenging' show experiences, this is a delightful and welcome change.

so come follow the process of watching this world premiere musical go up at ford's theatre - as seen from my perspective. i'm excited to be on this journey - and hope to bring you all a glimpse into the magic and excitement of it all....this Little Bit of History!!!!!

first day - cast around the table listens to the director and other designers explain the look of the production.

Top: our enthusiastic director, matt, explains the set. Bottom: my dear friend, donna, looks at the costume designs.

L: lauren gets her rehearsal skirt on with the coaching help of michael. R: gia shows off her marie antoinette skirt.

a couple of scenes from staging the opening number of the show. liberty (geoff) on his knee in the top picture.