Monday, June 30, 2008

shainin/lancman '08

saturday evening, i went to the wedding of a co-worker from WSB....miss christine shainin! it was quite an event...from the wedding ceremony at the beautiful st. aloysius church in d.c. down to the incredible food at the reception....four seasons georgetown-style. that's just the circles i roll in, people. deal. haha. but's probably the fanciest thing i've been to in a long time...if not forever. (right up there with centennial high school's 1991 junior prom...themed 'under the sea'. magic.)

the entire evening was great...but the most fun was table #20 - in the back corner and filling 8 of the 10 seats with friends and spouses from WSB. our extra 2 turned out to be christine's trainer and her husband, and they were just as fun and fit right in! the food was ridiculous (hey collin, remember the mini rueben sandwiches for appetizers? mmmm) - the music/band was off the charts - and the laughter and friendship was flowing! and to the entire make-up of table #20, i am deeply sorry that i got the only chocolate soup with mini-donut. and for the record...i did ask one of the dudes in charge if there were more....and he shot me down.

i luckily had my camera and spent the evening snapping some photos of the craziness...which of course i'm going to share with you here today. i've had various requests to not include this or that picture...but for a fair representation of the evening, most of the photos i took will be shared. and that includes the motorboats.

congrats christine and walter! and thank you both for an awesome evening and a chance to celebrate with you both! have a blast in hawai'i!

an action shot: christine and her father, richard, walking down the aisle.

l-r: david and christine farrell (christine is christine's boss), barbara, maggie and brett. everyone but david is 'wsb' in this photo.

let the party begin! l-r: collin and shanna wheeler (shanna is wsb), maggie molpus and brett schwalbach.

the ladies of team cf: maggie, christine, christine and barbara.

the flowers were beautiful. and then i started playing with some color accent, as well. i'm just that crazy.

maggie sat straight across from me....and everytime i looked up, this is what i saw of her, through the vase. lookin' good, maggie!

2 of my favorite people at the wsb ever! christine and shanna, celebrating christine's big day!

everything was delicious....but the desserts were the only things that got photographed. shanna, collin and i were very, VERY excited abou the cheesecake dipped in chocolate on incredibly long skewers.

maggie and christine enjoy the apple crumble...with the incredibly small spoons.

good food, good music, good friends.

NOT the bride. She was a favorite of table 20 all watch and at times, even mock. i mean seriously....white? AND fake hair? she's lame.

things went south fast....and before we knew it, it was motorboat time! shanna starts things off....

and then got collin in on it, too.


bride christine gets in on the motorboat action...while maggie mugs.

maggie tries to teach brett the art of proper motorboat.

brett gives it a shot.

hahaha. i don't even know what was going on in this picture...but it delights me so.

i love it when the bride seriously commits to having a goooood time! congrats, shainin!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Trip To New York: A Photo Essay

last weekend, i went to new york city. i went for a couple of auditions (meh...), to see some friends (always entertaining), and to catch some shows that were coming to a close (some were better than others.) all in all, it was a great weekend...and a great way to celebrate the closing of my 2007-2008 theater season. (more was a great way to celebrate the closing of 'david')(which, by closing early, made the trip possible.....)(hooray for tiny miracles!)

so without further ado....please enjoy my collection of photos from my trip. or don't. it's a free country. and my apologies to those i forgot to photograph. may we live by the promise of 'next time.....'

any trip to nyc that starts with tara giordano and a roti promises to be amazing throughout.

tara and i enjoying our lunches on the roof of her building...sitting on her hippy tapestry.

the roti. deeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-lish.

a fun view of the rooftop.

things just keep getting better! a show and cheesecake with summer! oh yeah...and french fries.

and then brunch with summer and sean in brooklyn!!

documenting change. my favorite rays in nyc is changing to 'amadeus pizza.' i don't care what they call themselves...but they BEST still have the chicken parm pizza.

tara gives me a motorboat to blog.

i also got to catch up with my good friend, denise hungerford, from the good ol' directv days. denise and i both abandoned our corporate lives to 'live the dream'. it's always fun to catch up with her and hear about her journey.

saturday morning, there was some parade down 6th ave. still unclear what it was for...but it had groups from countries around the globe.

attendance was sparse.

there were 3 floats in a row from taiwan...and they all had these inflatable people things. they made me laugh.

these inca royals showed up to represent peru.

this little girl from...somewhere latin...was dancing up a storm.

but it was nothing compared to THIS ones sweet moves. seriously...she was bringin' it. amazing.

i saw some shows. 'gypsy' was good. patti was good. but laura b and boyd g were stelar.

this was just barely ok. not surprised it closed. very happy i saw the closing production. fun energy.

this. this moved me. affected me. blew me away.

i saw a real life broadway and screen star. and if you don't know her...well then shame on you. tony winner for 'caroline or change.' one of the 3 dreams. and in this picture, she just came out the stage door after playing opposite terrence howard, phyllicia rashad and james earl jones. she's the real deal. and evidently, super bad.

i also got to see my old idaho pal, karyn mann. always a highlight of a nyc trip.

karyn blows a kiss good-bye to all the readers. until next time, karyn. and big apple. MUAH!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Farewell to 'David'

Take down the moon -
Put out the sun -
Sing out, 'Hot damn!'
'Cause now we're done!

Our final show day BEGINS! Donna takes a picture of me taking a picture of Donna taking a picture of me......

Stage Manager Maribeth is all smiles....she can see the end!

The ladies of 'David'. L-R: Carolyn, Donna and Peggy.

The ladies part 2! Ear to ear grins that the end has arrived!

Maribeth and Aaron, chillin' pre-show. (This screams: ALBUM COVER to me.....)

'The Last Stoney's'. Between shows on Sunday afternoon...Stoney's became our place of safety and refuge. All I'm going to say is 'grilled. cheese. sandwhich.' Enough said.

Bobby and Peggy. No clue what is going on, but I LOVE this picture!

Then the show ended...and the party began! L-R: Bobby, Donna, Peggy and George (our esteemed music director) belly up to the bar at Hank's Oyster Bar to celebrate.

Bobby and Norman (Saul and Adam) mug for the camera.

Russell looks concerned when I told him I had just heard we might extend. Of course we didn't! Don't be silly.

L-R: Carolyn, Maribeth, Russell and Seth. All but Russell are full of glee. Russell is still trying to figure out if I was serious about extending.

Carolyn and Chris get their drink on.

I break the news to Russell that I was just KIDDING about extending. JOY floods his face!

Carolyn and I. That's about it. Just taking a picture.

Me and my friends, Naomi and Jerry. (Naomi is the casting director for Theater J.)

Peggy and Matty at last!

Carolyn, George and I.

Some of the boys of 'David'...taking a break from the madness INSIDE Hank's.

Caroyln, Matty P, Bobby and a thumbs up to being DONE!!!

The girls cuddle up to Larry before he heads home!

Matty P and Bobby flank Catherine...Director of Something or Other on Theater J staff. (Fresh from HER performance over at the Shakespeare Theater.)

Catherine and I.

More celebrating, before we all head home.

A quick farewell to our brilliant composer, Daniel! He ROCKS, people. Simple as that.