Thursday, February 14, 2013

for all the negative that is put out there in the universe about the internet and social media and smart phones taking us away from "real life" and "genuine face-to-face connections with people" (which definitely has some merit to it), i had to stop and take note tonight, as i walked into my house, and reflect on how much GOOD that whole world of technology has done for ME...this week alone!

-the world of facebook got me in touch with an old mission companion of mine, russ lyman, from our days in the west virginia charleston mission for the LDS church.  18 years later, thanks to social media, we were able to catch up over dinner at masa 14 here in washington dc while he was in town on business, and spend about 3 hours talking, laughing, reminiscing, and catching up on a tuesday night.

-another connection a few years ago on the world of facebook was with my old centennial high school choir teacher, barb oldenburg, from meridian, idaho.  21 years after graduating from the halls of CHS, through the magic of using the 'find a friend' feature, i was able to sit down at jaleo in crystal city/arlington, virginia and talk about the tapas, a life in the arts and memories from the halls and classrooms of centennial.  one of the more delightful wednesday nights i have had in awhile...topped off with a toasted marshmallow milkshake from good stuff eatery.  perfect.

-connecting with old high school classmates has been one of the biggest delight with the world of social media.  and tonight for the second time in under a year and always with facebook to thank,  i was able to enjoy a meal and lots of laughs with a fellow patriot from the class of '92, samuel blaine...back in town for work, and ready for another night of eating that included lots of chips and salsa and cheese...all provided by cactus cantina on a thursday night.

it made to stop to think with so many great experiences like these in a single week, could it be that social media and the internet might not be the problem....but instead how we choose to use them?  just some food for thought...which is the best kind of food after my week of eating and socializing.