Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brought To You By Stoney's

So when the cast of 'David' isn't busy doing their show or discussing with each other how to handle all the glowing press, we like to gather at our favorite local hangout, STONEY'S, and eat their delicious grilled cheese, discuss the merits of our show and just unwind after a hard nights work on stage! And, when we have friends who come see the show, it makes it that much more fun!

Last night, after our Wednesday night show, a group of us headed over to Stoney's for our standard fare, and we ended up having some fun with my camera. We started with the now-standard 'Motorboat' pictures. But we switched to the newest photo-technique, introduced by Will. It is the 'Loose Jaw Shake Your Head Back And Forth' style....and they are FIERCE!

So, enjoy some fun, sponsored by the folks at Stoney's. And, when you're taking your next photos, try the new 'Loose Jaw' technique, and send me the results!

Happy Thursday!

Russell and Gillian (with her 'Shear Madness' makeup on. )(Many of you will remember Gillian from my first year of Willy Wonka. I love her.)

Gillian gets very serious with her Motorboat attempts.
Russell's wife, Janine, gives Motorboat a try, as well.
Russell and Will decide to show the girls how it is done.
Ladies first. Janine just laughs....but Gillian gives it a good try.
A second attempt from the ladies proves a little better.
Janine gets into this one....but Gillian's head hurt after 3 attempts.
AND THEN....the boys decided to show the girls up...again...
and again!!! GOOD FUN!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Words of Wisdom

what's it like being single?
i like it.
i like starting each day with a sense of possibility.
and i'm optimistic because every day, i get a little more desperate....
and desperate situations yield the quickest results.

-michael scott

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ideas For Memorial Day Fun

A HUGE shout out to my friend, Dainon, for posting this video on his blog. And now I am sharing it with all of YOU, in honor of Memorial Day 2008! Why Memorial Day? No reason at all.

For those of you who follow my blog, you'll know that I have an on-going love-affair with the Japanese and their ridiculous game shows! This is just another reason for that love. So get out YOUR kimonos, marshmallows and stretchy bands, and have fun!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Opening Day & Night

So Sunday night, we pulled it all together and "DAVID...." opened here in DC. It was fun to be part of the opening of a world premiere musical. I had my camera handy to snap some pictures along the way - both before and after the show. Whether the show is well received or not, and I guess for the most part it will be 'not', I have to say that I LOVE working with this cast of people. (I might even have a crush on all 9 of them, collectively.) We have had an incredible time together....we probably laugh way too much...but we're having a ball. The talent is incredible - I am deeply humbled to be working with them all. And for better or worse, the show is open and we don't have to rehearse ANY MORE! Yay US!

Enjoy the photos!

Everyone in their jumpsuits....right before heading on stage.

Another group-flight-suit-shot....with Maribeth, our AMAZING stage manager in the center.

Our hero, Matt Pearson (Young David) and the beautiful Peggy Yates (Batsheva) at the Opening Night Reception.

Carolyn Agan (Michal) with her boyfriend, Mike and the ever-awesome Larry Redmond (Prophet Samuel).

Everyone is all smiles! R-L: the always entertaining George Fulginiti-Shakar (music director), Peggy Yates, playwright Yehuda Hyman and Otis (George's partner).

5 of the 7 men in the cast. L-R: Will Gartshore (Jonathan/Absalom), Bobby Smith (Saul/Older David), Me, Matty P, (front) Russell Sunday (Goliath).

Somehow, EVERYONE finds Bathseva! Russell, Peggy, Matty and Will enjoy a moment with each Will starts to show everyone his NEW traveling phrase he just made up during the reception.

Our incredible composer and a good friend, Daniel Hoffman (center) with his wife, Karine and daughter, Talyah (who thinks i'm pretty cool) and our playwright, Yehuda Hyman.

POST Opening Night Reception was held at Stoney's. Maribeth and Russell are all smiles!

And then the night went black and white....which, as you know, I like to call ART SHOTS! So enjoy some 'David In Shadow And Light' (or DISAL, for short) art shots! I call this one: "Peggy, Matty and Onion Rings"

And this one is called: "Half A Ring & Complete Surprise"

Next art shot: "Discussion"

I call this one: "A Moment Enjoyed"

I love this DISAL art shot. It's actually untitled.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

UPDATE: NEW Case Of The Unfortunates

They are everywhere, folks! Thanks to my brother, Jeremy, in Boise....for being quick on the draw with him camera phone....and getting this covert-op shot (notice the rim of the umbrella sticking out.....) of the ULTIMATE soccer fan! Have a GREAT Sunday....and don't be unfortunate.

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's About Time

LIFE is meted out in time...whether you adhere to it or not. The bus comes at 8:47am. Taxes are due April 15th. The flight leaves at 7:32pm. Your brother's birthday is October 18th. The New Year rings in at 12 midnight. Movies start, trains depart, hair appointments are scheduled, bill deadlines are set. For the most part, we function based on the things we have scheduled in our lives. And it's easy to say that you're not bound by time...and that you work on your own schedule.

But the truth matter how you look at it...there are general rules of time you ARE bound to. The bus isn't there at 8:51am. It left 4 minutes ago. On October 19th, the only thing that applies is a card with belated birthday wishes. And in your effort NOT to be bound by time, you find that you have to reschedule your hair appointment for 3 weeks down the road, at the next available opening. Your intentions could be the best around, but if you're late, you're late. There really is no way around it. For better or worse, 'time' is a part of our lives and the sooner we learn to adhere to it, the easier our lives will be.

I started thinking alot about this idea yesterday as I sat at rehearsal. This rule of 'time' is applicable to things that can't be measured by clocks or calendars or Day Timers. Thank You's have a window of time to be expressed in. Bless You's aren't really meant to be delivered an hour or a day or a week past a sneeze. And as I realized yesterday, apologies, in whatever form they come, really should be delivered as soon after the indiscretion as possible.

As a responsible adult, if you know better (and I would hope most adults would), and yet you still let the offense sit and simmer and fester before you decide to apologize, then shame on you for missing your deadline. Shame on you again for thinking a half-assed apology and 3 hours of acting goofy does away with 6 weeks of avoiding responsibility, mis-managing of time, condescension, and general over-all unpleasantness. And shame on you for having to be told that your best option is to just swallow your pride and apologize. Shame on you for thinking you were going to make your 3:49pm flight....when you didn't show up until 4:07pm.

The thing is about time. Try not to be late.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I LOVE Washington DC!!!!

Just be warned....there is some harsh language in here...but it such a funny video clip, it needs to be shared. It illustrates the magic of living in Washington DC. And occurances like these happen more often than you would think. I especially like that the woman who is getting yelled AT is a quiet, nice little old lady! HAHAHAHA! And an extra amount of thanks for whoever added the subtitles. They really add to the whole thing.

This video is brought to you compliments of Segway-boss, Jack. I owe you, Jackson. UNLESS of course you're paying me back for introducing you to Elevation Burger. Then I guess we are even again!

Everyone else - ROLL TAPE!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's Discuss A Few Things

So it's time for another lengthy blog post to catch up on what has been keeping me away from blogging recently. Except....I'm going to try and not be too lengthy. It's late - and I need to get to bed.

1. DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT starts previews.....

So yeah. This past Saturday night, for better or worse, we started previews of the show. It was quite a feat getting it up and running....and after a day off yesterday, we were back tonight making changes and cuts to parts of the show to try and whittle it down to a 'manageable length.' (The entire evening is clocking in at about 3 hours at this point.) It is definitely a work in progress, and it has never been the same show twice. LUCKILY - I am working with a stellar cast of people who make it bearable and fun! We might laugh a little too much...but it is getting us through. So I say it's worth it. The show runs until June 22nd, I guess come see it if you want. I know it's been available through Gold Star Events here in DC - so check it out.

2. I got a gig for Fall 2008!

Last Friday, I got cast in a new show that will give me work from September through the beginning of November this year! And I'm very excited about it. I'll be working at Imagination Stage in Bethesda, performing in their production of BUSYTOWN The Musical! It's a family musical based on the Richard Scarry books and characters that we all grew up with! It the DC area premiere...and I am going to be playing Huckle The Cat - who serves as the narrator for the day in Busytown. ( my friend, Bobby, likes to call it: "Frantic City".) The music is great and I am very excited for this chance to work with Imagination Stage. PLEASE let me know if you're going to be in the area and would like to see the show. Especially those of you with little ones. I think it's going to be a fun show.


Who really cares about rehearsal or new plays or ANYTHING when you hear information like THIS! Just announced today - a full-length feature film of the Fraggles! It will not be done with CG....just good ol' fashioned Henson puppets! Seriously - nothing else is of importance to me. You can read more about it by clicking HERE. And you can ALSO relive the magic of the opening credits by watching this YouTube clip!

4. The British Bachelor is an IDIOT!

So the dude, Matt, from London chose the LAMEST girl to win! Her name is Shayne...she's an actress...and her dad is Lorenzo Lamas. And she told her dad she wanted to be on the show because it would be good for her career. But then back-peddled on that when her dad brought it up. Anyway - she's annoying. But after choosing her, now I think he's annoying, too. So they deserve each other.

THAT'S RIGHT! I just weighed in with my opinions on The Bachelor. Sue me.

5. PROM 2008

So, one of the coolest people I know in the 18-and-under category is my niece, Samantha. She's a sophomore at Centennial High School in Boise...and she's an amazing kid. She got asked to the prom this year - AS A SOPHOMORE - and this past weekend was the big dance! And last night, she sent me some pictures of her and her date. I can't believe she's all grown up and going to PROM! Sam was born when I was a senior in high school (at Centennial High School) - and it's been a pleasure watching her grow into the young woman that she is today! I love her dearly and I am so proud of her and so very happy that we are friends!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"DAVID" Update

(I'm not in this picture....I'm behind a big screen at this shadow...)

Theater J Cancels Previews for Tonight Through Thursday

May 6, 2008 - As Theater J prepares for the world premiere of David in Shadow and Light, a musical based on the life of the biblical King David, technical challenges have required more time than originally scheduled and, so, the theater has delayed the beginning of previews from tonight until this Saturday. The first preview will now be Saturday evening and there will be two previews on Sunday, at 3 and 8 o'clock. The 8 o'clock preview on Sunday will be "pay what you can," while admission to the other two previews of the weekend, and those leading up to the May 18 opening, will cost $25 a seat.

Other links about the current happs with the show to noodle on:
-Theater J Blog
-The Washington Post article from today


May 10 - June 22, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life Beyond Rehearsal

So I've been rehearsing my new show A LOT lately...which only stands to reason, since we open next week! Well, we go into previews next week. Our official opening is May 18th. But we are in the thick of it all...and I will write more this weekend about the process of being part of a brand spankin' new musical! It's definitely been quite a unique experience.

But for now, I wanted to account for some time I have recently spent away from rehearsal! From lunches and dinner with good friends, to a Cubs/Nats game at the new Nationals Stadium...and some work and fun here and there life is anything but BORING right now!

Rachel and Jonny were in town for an we had lunch! And we introduced Rachel to MOTORBOAT!

She did it REALLY well.

Rachel and Jonny couldn't quite get their act together....

almost every time we tried....

until the FINAL SHOT! And this one was golden.

While we wait for Jonny to get back from the bathroom, Rachel gets her own Color Accent moment.

The approach to the stadium as you exit the Navy Yard Metro Station.

A closer look at the center field gates.

The view of the scoreboard from our seats.

The scoreboard also gets its own color accent moment.

The anthem ends....and we say "PLAY BALL!"

Screech (The Eagle - not 'Saved By The Bell') stops near us for a visit.

Selections from Ben's Chili Bowl ALSO stopped by our seats for a visit.

Christy, Anais and Matt P are very excited about the visit from Ben's.

The view from my seat.

The famed Presidents Race. Zany antics!

Close up on Roosevelt, who NEVER wins....WINNING!

The stadium view from up top. (Thanks, Matt P!)

Looking down the first base line, out to the Capital Building.

This is Ella Hullinger.

This is her twin brother, Cole Hullinger.

Ella and Cole came to have dinner with me in Pentagon City with their mom and dad, Julie and Nick Hullinger. Nick and I used to be roommates. Now they live in Spartanburg, SC. But luckily, they were here this week in DC visiting Julie's family.

Ella and Cole just came for the noodles and the color accent.

The loved taking these pictures.

Nick proudly shows off one of his daughters many talents.