Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Newest Hobby

I'm PRETTY sure I'm going to seek out a teacher who can make me do THIS! THINK how marketable I will be then. Music Theater. Segways. Slalom rollerblade act to dramatic music. ME = GOLDMINE.

Gotta give credit where credit it due. Thanks to my crazy cool email-forwarding mom, Priscilla Anderson, for this little bit o'magic. ALSO - please note. The girl in the video does take a few seconds to get going. So be patient. It's well worth it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Who Knew..

-that there was such a place as the US National Arboretum? RIGHT in Washington DC? (And in the sketchy Northeast section of town, to boot!)

-that something as corny and curious sounding as the 'National Bonsai Museum' (at the previously discussed Arboretum) could turn out to be SO amazingly awesome!? i mean.....there is no way to describe gotta see these TREES!

Patti and Michelle check out the first, of many, bonsai tree.

Amazing bonsai from the 'Fall Foliage' exhibit.

-that there were columns that USED to be on the Capital Building here in DC that were removed years ago (for an expansion) and put out on a hill in the middle of this Arboretum, next to a cool reflecting pond? And you can just SIT there and contemplate....whatever you want. Life. Navels. Inflation. You name it. You can ponder it.

Friends sitting....and pondering...

-that we had a National Herb Garden? (Yep. Part of the SAME Arboretum.)

Rachel, Michelle and Patti check out what they know about 'What Makes Peppers So Hot'. (Hint: The answer to #10 is ALL OF THE ABOVE. Don't let it stump you.)

-that a koi pond could be such a FEROCIOUS place?

Smaller fish basically have NO chance. LIFE, sometimes. Weird.

I'm a NEW fan of this place, folks. And if you live in the immediate DC area and haven't been, do yourself a favor today and go. And if you're NOT in the DC area, add it to your list of places to visit when you come here. (Make it #2 on that list. #1 should already read 'Segway Tour'. I trust you that it does.)

Some of my favorite shots of the day

The Clegg Family enjoy the columns. Max wishes here were down....out of his dad's arms....walking free....






Sunday, October 28, 2007

Last Laugh

So Friday, I had to do a Segway Tour....and for those of you living in the Washington DC area, you know that Friday was a rainy, rainy day. And when I say rainy, I mean sheets or rain, warnings of flash floods, and puddles the size of small lakes at pretty much every street corner downtown due to bad drainage systems. Lots of water.

It will probably surprise most of you to find out that we run tours in the rain....but we do. If the people are willing to go out, then out we go. On Friday, we ended up having 16 people willing and ready to go out in the storm. So Karen took half of them, and I took the other half. When Karen showed up, she was grinning from ear to ear, and said she came 'prepared' for the tour in the weather. She disappeared into the bathroom, and reappeared soon after in her boyfriend's hip-waders that he uses to fish. In a RIVER. Like...basically rubber pants. And I got such a laugh out of it. I mean - first off, they were like 14 sizes to big. And second of all, it was a little bit of rain! Put on a poncho and call it good.

WELL.....there is no way to describe just how WET I got on that tour. I had a full length rain-slicker on, down to just below my knees.....and still...the shorts I was wearing were drenched everywhere. I had to have atleast 2 inches of water in my socks were completely drenched...and my 3 layers of shirts were soaked through to the bone. My hat? Sopping wet. It was ridiculous. It took my shoes 2 full days to dry out!

And when I walked in....there was Karen in her hip-wading-comfort! I think her wrist was wet in one place....and the rest of her was dry as the desert. Stupid rubber pants! this doesn't really show it. But you can kind of see how wet my shorts are....but the shirt and hat are not true representations. But PEOPLE....look how DRY and happy Karen looks? Because she WAS!
4 of my the crazy rain storm! They were such great sports...and we had a blast!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Run, Don't Walk, To Amazon.Com

Spears' mother plans parenting book

By Dana Ford (click HERE to read the whole ridiculous article)

As lawyers for Britney Spears and her ex-husband fought a court battle over custody of their two young sons, a publisher said on Friday that the pop star's mother is writing a book about parenting.

Religious publisher Thomas Nelson said it will publish "Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World," by Lynne Spears. Nelson spokesman Curt Harding said the book, to be out next spring, will be about Lynne Spears' raising three children and will have a religious element.


Now THAT'S What I Call 'ART'

Bored on a rainy Friday afternoon? Spend some time checking out some crazy art pics and videos by clicking HERE. The work is done by a guy named Mark Jenkins, and the link I have attached is to his 'Street Installation' - much of which was done here in Washington DC. I'm so sad I MISSED this stuff! Each picture on his page has additional photos and/or video with them. Find them below each picture on the main page - where it says '+pictures' or '+video'.

Don't want to click? Let me show you a couple of his 'pieces' here.....and then decide. All I'm saying is that it's a good way to pass some time before that clock strikes 5pm and sends you away on your weekend.

I LOVE it and hope you will, too. A HUGE shout out of thanks to CousinJeff for bringing this to my attention. He reports that his family has gotten a lot of good laughs out of these pics...and since he sent it to me, I have also enjoyed laughing at it all. I've said it before....and I stand by it now...we are creative beings, given the chance.

Stay dry...and happy weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I woke up today a little bit panicky...a little bit apprehensive...for a number of different reasons. I tend to over-think situations, which causes me to stress or panic about things that are, quite possibly, ficticious. Financially, socially, physically, name it, I've probably over-thought it and worried about it on one occaison or another. So this morning, when I woke up stressed about life and work and the possibility of death by packs of monkeys (please click HERE if you're wondering what I'm talking about), I realized it was going to be one of "THOSE" days and rolled out of bed.
Since it is Thursday, it is actually my 'manny' day with Louise, whom I love hanging out with, and there wasn't actually too much over-thinking going on in my mind as we got going on the day. We read some books, and then somewhere in the back of my mind I worried about money. We played with the baby piano Louise has, and somewhere in the back of my mind I convinced myself that the last remains of the cough I have could intensify and turn into tuberculosis or something worse. We had lunch, and somewhere in my mind I made a mental note to avoid the primate house at the zoo.

After Louise went down for a nap, I returned a phone call to Theater J, whom I will be working with on a holiday musical in about a month. I spoke with Deliah there about a few details that I needed, including the re-introduction of the idea of me taking DRUM LESSONS so I can do some drumming in the upcoming show. No sooner had we talked about it and, on the outside, I gave her my excited word about learning to drum then on the inside, I had somehow convinced myself that I would fail miserably at drumming and they would fire me from the show and I'd somehow end up on the street, homeless, alone and talking to myself. And probably mumbling something about the danger of monkeys. (And honestly doesn't get that bad...I'm exaggerating to make a point. Keep up. I'm sure I'll do fine with the drumming and the show....)

Then I got an email that changed my stream of thought on the day. 2 of my favorite people in the world are from my college days, Kim and Clint Baker. They live with their kids in Nampa, Idaho now. Kim's parents have also become friends of mine over the years, and they live in the greater San Diego area. Kim's parents have recently been affected by the fire's that are raging in that area - and Clint forwarded me an email regarding Kim's parents new home and their experience with the fires. Happily, they report, their house, aside from some very small amounts of damage, has been saved and had little to no actual burn damage. In the same area, within a mile of their home in any direction, 16 homes burned to the ground. A portion of the email praises the work and the efforts of the firefighters in the area....who are working long, hard, hot hours around the clock. Kim's mom included some pictures with the email of their home and the area - and I hope she won't mind me posting them here.

And just like that, I was snapped back into reality. The stresses of silly things like drumming and money and tv shows and chimps were quickly ushered out as I was reminded of the importance of family and service and safety and home. I was reminded what it truly meant to be blessed when the world around you seems in chaos. And I was reminded how blessed we are by people who are willing to put their lives on the line, over and over again, for people they don't know....sometimes in areas they have never been to before. None of these are new lessons....but they are all valuable lessons that are easily forgotten.

My situation never was grim...and I don't mean to sound like it is or was. But in life, it is so easy to get wrapped up in your own immediate STUFF and forget that your own life is actually full of happiness and richness every single day. So I am appreciative of the times in life when I see things in today. I can say with assurity that I'm doing alright and have nothing to stress about in the least. PLUS I am happy to hear of the safety of my friends, the Callahan's. Best of luck with all that lies ahead of you guys!

Looking up the hill to the Callahan's house...over the burned area.

Looking at how close the fire got to the house.

A sooty, dusty interior of the front entry way...but still, pretty darn lucky, all things considered.

This is the most amazing picture she sent. Click on it to make it big and check it out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I mean....I guess consider this your Wordless Wednesday Eve gift....because words can't really describe this masterpiece. And the crowds enthusiastic response at the end seals the deal. I'm just mad I didn't think of it first. Drat you, Stacey Hedger!!!!!

Halloween Costumes*

So, it's almost Halloween, and if any of you know ANYTHING about me, you know how much I love LOVE to dress up for Halloween. So I sat down and started going through some of my options this year. I don't want it to be anything too out there....I like more traditional choices. And I want it to be something that I already have....I don't want to really go out and BUY pieces. I also want to do something in conjunction with my younger brother, Tim. That way we can roam the neighborhood, terrorizing kids and smashing pumpkins. And when people see us, they'll say, "There goes those Anderson boys....terrorizing kids and smashing pumpkins. But MAN do they look good."

If Tim doesn't want to do it, know....he lives in Tucson or he has 3 kids of his own or he's travelling for work.....then that's fine. I don't mind going solo.

Here are our 2 choices. Let me know what you vote for:

"Clown and Devil". Tim likes this one because of his extensive and convincing make-up job, but I feel that my devil just seems to be lacking something.

"Devil and Indian" (don't mind the Stars Wars guys...those classic costumes aren't available). So somehow, Tim figured out a way to dress HIS devil look up a little bit more than I did. But with my Indian, NOW who has the awesome make up job? And be honest...have you ever seen an Indian with cooler kicks?

No Tim? NO PROBLEM! I'll scrap it all, and go solo as Frankenstein. How realistic is THAT?

*A huge thanks to the PAPA (Priscilla Anderson Photo Archives) for providing these pictures. It's great that she has made her collection, including the polaroid instamatic shots, available to us. And never you mind that she cut the head off that Storm Trooper. That's Scott DeSpain....and if you knew him, you'd agree that he deserved it.

Monday, October 22, 2007

This Just In

Thanks to the eagle-eye of my field reporter, Pinnie, I got this story today and had to forward it along to all of you. You'd be amazed how many people joke about this on my tours. And here it is now, real news from my hometown in Boise, Idaho! Couldn't be prouder! Click HERE to read what I'm talking about.

AND....this just in....first confirmed/scheduled MAnderson Report to take one of tours wins a PRIZE! And it's going to be a good one! So get busy and make your plans TODAY! (You'll probably need to ask me for when I'm working....but I'm happy to let you know!)

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's All Very Unclear you're telling me, JAPAN, that you've invented a way for people to LEARN English AND get an aerobic workout in at the same time? And you'll show me practical uses for what you teach?

Then I say, "Heck yes, Nippon! Roll. That. Tape!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Kill Me Now

So today, announced that starting January 2008, Clay Aiken will be joining the Broadway cast of Monty Python's 'Spamalot' for a 5 month run. Just reading the headline made me pretty much T.U. in my M. (For those of you wondering, that means 'throw up in my mouth'.) I mean COME ON! It's Clay Aiken people....he's annoying and I've wanted to punch him since he said his first fake 'Thank yoooooooouuuuuuuuuu' on American Idol all those years ago. And now he gets to be on Broadway? Just like THAT!? While I continue to get passed over...and can't even really be seen for a lot of shows that I'm perfect for? CLAY AIKEN!? If I could, I would punch him square in the whore mouth right now.

And yet for some reason, I decided to read the entire article, knowing it had a 99.99% chance of ticking me completely off...and while I did, I came to realize that the article and accompanying picture had a misprint in it. Because what it said and showed was that Clay Aiken will be joining the cast of Spamalot on Broadway and will be playing the role of Sir Robin. And then, the article was accompanied by this picture:

But what I'm PRETTY sure it should have said was that Clay Aiken will be joining the cast of Spamalot on Broadway and will be playing the role of Zac Efron playing the role of Sir Robin.

I mean HONESTLY! Which is which, people? Am I the only one that finds this disturbing? Both the casting AND the fact that Clay Aiken and his people totally Efroned it up for his new headshots? I guess they are finally trying to draw the younger, teenage demographic - since Clay's current demographic is dying by the hundreds each nursing homes across the country.

WHY, Broadway? WHY are you submitting us to these continual stunt-casting-fiascos? First Bob Saget in 'Drowsey Chaperone' and now THIS? CLAY EFRON-AIKEN!?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Monday, October 15, 2007

First Peek!

So here is the first official look at Matt: The Tour Guide. This self-portrait was snapped tonight on the steps of the US Capitol Building, while my tour group of 4 took pictures of themselves. That's me, my baseball cap, and my safety helmet leaning, like the cool guy that I am, on the self-balancing people transporter I have come to love so much.

Kind of makes you want to come on a tour, doesn't it?

WELL....what are you waiting for?

I'm waiting for YOU!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Notes On A Weekend

Note 1: GRUNTS!

So, on Friday, I had a tour with my little jobby-job that tested my patience to the very end. And I know...I can hear you saying HOW can a tour on a people transporter really test your patience? And here is what I have to say to you.....if YOU had the lady from California who went twice as slow as everyone else on the tour AND who grunted...LOUD, like Monica-Seles-grunting from days gone by...everytime she went up or down a sidewalk handicap ramp, you would ALSO probably have been stressed out. PLUS - the other 3 people who were on the tour with her pretty much abandoned her because they were embarassed by her riding and grunting style, so I had to try and keep our group moving along AND single handedly make sure that Madam Grunter was with the group. It was a challenge....but we made it through. Plus, everyone else in the group was awesome and very good sports about it all. But seriously...if you come to take a ride, please leave your grunting habits at home. Thanks.


So its been awhile since a MAnderson blog had a chance to make an entry in the Cheesecake Tour....but that time has come NOW! Today, Sunday, I took a trip out to Steve and Kate Keifer's place for a goodbye party for our friend, Sharon Smith who is moving to Florida. Rough life. Anyway - when I was getting ready to leave, Kate smiled slyly and said she had something for me. She then proceeded to go to the fridge and cut me a piece of a Pumpkin Cheesecake that she had made yesterday for a baking club or something like that. To be honest with you, the minute I saw the cheesecake, I pretty much zoned out. She could've said she made it for Kim Jong-Il of North Korea and it wouldn't have phased me....because in t-minus 4 seconds, I was going to have a piece of pumpkin cheesecake in my hand.

Here is Kate, showing off the pumpkin goodness!

Here it is...up close and personal.

So I got it wrapped, took a fork, went to the car and headed into the city. My plan to save it for after my tour tonight was blown away when I got it in the car and I smelled it. A smell led to a taste....the taste led to another...and by the time I was at 9th and G in downtown DC, I was throwing an empty plate away. The pumpkin cheesecake that Kate gave me today is coming in on the MASE at a whopping, solid 9. The pumpkin-to-cheesecake ratio as nearly flawless. It was a subtle pumpkin that didn't overpower the cheesecake...and I loved how light it all was. The thing that threw me was the crust...and it's not that it was all. It was delicious...but I still can't figure out what it was. I thought it was gingersnap...and then I thought maybe graham cracker...and then I thought maybe a molasses I don't know. But my inability to pinpoint it frustrated me and my MASE. BUT - it was a near flawless attempt at a cheesecake. So if anyone knows Kate, you might want to ask her to make you one. And Kate...I'd love the recipe if you're sharing it! Thanks SO MUCH for the made my drive so much more rewarding!

Note 3: 69-67 Should NOT Be A Football Score

Tonight, I got home from my tour in time to see the entire second half of the Boise State vs. Nevada football game live on ESPN from the blue turf of Bronco Stadium in beautiful Boise, Idaho. And when I say 'entire', I mean the 3rd and 4th quarters plus all the overtimes. Now, I love my Boise State Broncos....and I'm ALWAYS happy to have a "W" in the books when it comes down to it. But in the future, what I don't think we need ever again is a 4 overtime barn-burner football games that end in score that looks more like a basketball score than anything else. I had just gotten over being stressed out from Madam Grunter 2 days earlier, and the next thing I know, the Wolf Pack is coming at my Broncos with everything they've got and giving them a run for their money. stressed me out all over again. But, in the end, we got the "W" and that's what it comes down to.

OH - and as a side note....Nevada played a new redshirt freshman quarterback tonight named Colin Kaepernick...and he was STELLAR. The kid can run, throw, name it, he did it. Hell, he RAN for 2 touchdowns and passed for 3 more. And he was impressive while he was doing it all. So they scored 67 points and still lost...that's not that point. This kid was amazing - and even as a Bronco fan, I had to give props where props were due. Good luck with the rest of your season and career, Colin.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Odd Conversation

So the other night, my friend Heather had some tickets to go see the musical stage comedy 'I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change' just up the street in Bethesda, MD. It was barely adequate, as far as productions of that show go, but it was fun to see Heather - and we were both impressed that Yanni was playing the piano in the orchestra. But that's not the point.

Before the show started, I was standing in the lobby as Heather was off talking to someone else, and I ran into a woman that I worked with here in DC a few years ago. We shall call her Vickie. Vickie (50-something years old) and I sat across the wall from each other when we both were working at a certain performing arts center named for a previous US President. We were always friendly, but never really shared a social circle or calendar. The last time I had seen Vickie was about 2 years ago or so. We had not spoken between our last meeting and this current meeting.

The following is the ENTIRE exchange that took place between Vickie and I. I'm still a little confused by it. But maybe it's just me. Let me know what you think.....odd? or not so much?

Matt: Hey there Vickie! Long time no see. How are you doing?

Vickie: (please add British accent...since Vickie has one) I'm doing well, Matt. It's good to see you. (

Matt: So you excited to see this show?

Vickie: Oh yes. Of course. (cricket........) So....where are you living these days?

Matt: Oh I'm here in DC still. Just living in Northwest....up by Friendship Heights.

Vickie: Good. Good. Did you drive here tonight or Metro up?

Matt: I drove.

Vickie: Oh good. ( I only ask because I'm here with my cycling friends, and I'm the designated driver, and I have an extra space in my car....if you needed a ride.

Matt: (a little baffled....) Oh yeah? No...I'm actually fine. But.......thanks........

Vickie: Well, nice to see you. Enjoy the show. (Exit left.......)

Matt: ( Oh. OK. Bye.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand SCENE.

OK seriously folks......I understand the offering was very nice. But regardless, I was, and still am, a little baffled. OH - and I don't drink and I didn't appear drunk, so don't go assuming that. I hadn't even had a Diet Coke. I know - hard to believe but true. it odd? Or is it just me?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pants Feel Comfortable

Wow. And double wow.

Here's a special treat, all the way from Japan, to help get you through your Wednesday.

THANK YOU, Land of the Rising Sun.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Welcome to my newest blog-installation: a special, recurring feature I am going to be calling 'AFFIRMATIONS'. This is a collection of affirmations that I see in the world around me - telling me something I may have already known about myself....but just needed to be reminded of. Most of the time, these are "print" affirmations that happen when I least expect them, and I'm finding that they come by way of menus, restaurant signs, bus stops, newspapers...really, whatever. There's no rhyme or reason. Actually....sometimes they might rhyme. But not EVERY time. I'm just saying....don't come to expect it one way or the other. Just be surprised.

Anyway - this AFFIRMATION comes via a 'For Sale' sign by my friend Rachel's house in Falls Church, VA. It spoke volumes to me. And I'm pretty sure you'll all agree.


Am. I. Ever.

The original source. Notice the sun beam shining down ON the source? I was meant to receive this message. Amen.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

'Funny' And 'Not So Funny'


-watching a guy ("that guy"), who thought he was pretty cool on our tour yesterday, try and show his friends how good he was at riding a Segway before our tour started in our 'practice alley'.

-watching that same guy, in the same practice alley, run into the wall and fall off his Segway. TWICE.

-nearing the end of our tour, looking up and watching that SAME GUY accidentally hit his wife's Segway with his own, as we were going up 15th street by the Treasury Building, and seeing BOTH of them fly off their Segways. (it was all slow motion...but I remember seeing them crossing in the air and one of the Segway's also flying through the air...horizontally...)

-hearing that same guy tell the tour guide, Karen, that he didn't want her to put anything 'non-herbal' on his severly scraped up knee as she was about to clean up his wound.

-hearing Karen ask, stunned, if he wanted her to just clean it with water....

-finally, hearing that SAME GUY blame his wife for the accident.


-turning my own Segway over to the scraped-up rider so they could finish the tour, and dragging his broken Segway 6 1/2 blocks back to the City Segway Tours office.

-the number of times I heard "Aren't you supposed to ride those things?" or "Those work better if you ride them." as I dragged it down G Street on a humid October afternoon.

Friday, October 5, 2007

TAG! I'm It!

So....I don't normally do these kinds of forward-type-things, but according to my friend, Dainon, who sent it to me, if I DON'T do it, all of the terrible things threatened to happen to me before in all those emails I DIDN'T forward over the past 12 years will actually come true this time. So you's either do this or pretty much perish. I chose to do this. I don't feel like perishing this weekend.

Enjoy. Or don't. I don't care.

Jobs I have had:
1 – Event Coordinator
2 – Boise Park Systems swimming safety character, Gus (the Goldfish)
3 – Waiter, Old Chicago
4 – Actor

Movies I could watch over and over:
1 – Waiting For Guffman
2 – Clue
3 – Hoosiers
4 – Shawshank Redepmtion

Favorite TV Shows: (I went with shows currently on TV)
1 – Friday Night Lights
2 – The Amazing Race
3 – Brothers & Sisters
4 – The Office
5 - Entourage (shhhhh....I added a 5th...don't judge)

Favorite Hobbies:
1 – movies
2 – blogging
3 – watching and discussing tv with friends
4 – reading at the beach

Places I have lived:
1 – Seoul, South Korea
2 – Boise, Idaho
3 – Charleston, WV
4 – Washington, DC

Favorite Foods:
1 – Korean bbq
2 – pizza
3 – chips & salsa
4 – cheesecake

Places I'd rather be:
1 – Cape May, NJ (newly discovered place of magic)
2 – Manhattan (with a ton of cash)
3 – Canon Beach, OR
4 – Charleston, SC

Websites I visit:
1 – Playbill
2 – The Idaho Statesman
3 – YouTube
4 – Marc Broussard

Who I am Tagging:
1 – Life With Shannon
2 – What Darren Thinks
3 – This Shouldn’t Surprise You
4 – Cody T

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Helpful Hints for Roommate Relations

I don't find these videos.....they find me. And I thought this one took a creative, innovative look at how to improve any kind of strained relationship with someone you live with. The video actually sets up the entire situation quite sit back, relax, and enjoy. And as always, please feel free to share YOUR creative ideas for improving roommate relations.'s video is proudly sponsored by Parkay.

***Please note....the video does have a bit of 'colorful' language. Just FYI.....

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rollin' Along

So....tonight I had a pretty exciting night. I went on my first official 'training tour' with City Segway Tours. It is the first of 3 'training tours' that I have to take on the way to becoming a tour guide with the company. Yes.....that's right. I'm going to become a Segway tour guide in the Washington DC area. (Unsure of what, exactly, a Segway is? It's a 'People Transporter.' HAHA. That's clear. Just click HERE. OR...if you watched Arrested Development, just think of the thing Gob rolled around on. Now you get the picture.)

I followed one guide, Tom, with his group of 8 as we did the 'Twilight Tour' around the downtown DC area....hitting all the major 'POINTS' for tourists....but hitting them as we rolled along, laughing at the sorry saps who were relegated to just walking the area! I quickly became a fan of this mode of transportation, no matter how silly I may have looked, and I got very excited about the prospects of giving tours around the area. Like....I kind of want to go do one right now.'s that won't really work.....

The Segways lie in waiting....

until our group got their chance to test out the machines...

and FINALLY roll out on the open road.

Anyway. It was a great night. No real problems. Well, except the time that to step off and ended up face-planting. Right in front of the entire group and the National Archives. And I mean COMPELTELY face-planted. (It was so humiliating and hysterical that I'm actually laughing about it right now, as I type this.) SO yeah....I may have a few things I need to get comfortable with first. But seriously....the people on Tom's tour paid for a good time, and I'm pretty sure they all had a good time watching me eat some sidewalk. So that's good.

The group listening to Tom's information about the Navy Memorial....only mere MINUTES before I face-planted.

Not for the squemish. This is my 'war wound' from the incident. But I'm fine. Thanks, upfront, for your concern.

I'm doing another training-tour on Friday, and then sometime next week, I'll finish up and start running my OWN tours, hopefully. So....get your reservations TODAY for the Matt Anderson Segway Special Tour of Awesomeness! And if you're really nice, I may do the face-plant-trick for you, too.

The Segway Gang rollin' up to the Capital Building.

This couple, Rob and Mae, were celebrating their 2 year wedding anniversary. So...that's fun.

The group rolls down Constitution Ave, nearing the end of the tour.

A roll-by of the White House.

Check out City Segway Tours by clicking HERE.
See you on the streets.